Welcome to Driving Test Cancellations

Welcome to Quick Driving Test Finding Service —- ( Pay AFTER We Get A Test Date For You (only £20))

-If you are looking for Driving test cancellations OR

-Specific Driving Test Dates to Suit you and your driving instructor OR

-A Short notice test in Any UK Test centre.

-We can help, just Fill out our ” Early Driving Test Application Form “ OR give us a Call / Send us a text on 07446577378

-Text us Your Driving Licence Number and Application Reference number ( If you don’t have Application reference number then text your theory test certificate number),   and the dates you are available or want to go for test.   That’s it and you can Pay AFTER we get an Early Test Date for you.


-Firstly>>> You need to BOOK your Driving test for whatever date is available   ( even if it is in 2 to 3 months time ) by going to Official DVSA Website www.gov.uk/book-practical-driving-test

-Secondly>>> After booking your test just Fill out our ” Early Driving Test Application Form “ OR Text us —-Your Driving Licence Number and Application Reference number on 07446577378 AND the dates or days you are available for test.

-Thirdly>>> Just Sit back and relax.

-We are reliable, we do it manually, no software involved and no software to download.

-We will text you the “slot available” according to your requirements.

-If you want to take it, just check with your Driving Instructor and text back “YES” .

-That’s it, we will change your driving test date for you. After the change of test date we will text you the details for payment.

-We are registered with (Data Protection Register) Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

-For Only £20.00 we can get you an Earlier test date according to your requirements, months sooner.

-You don’t have to pay any deposit.

-Just failed your test, No need to wait for months and no need to sit in front of your computer. Give Us a call and we will get a short notice test for you.

-If your Theory Test Certificate is expiring soon then give us a call, we will get a quick driving test date as soon as possible and change it to a time that suits you.

-We have range of options for you to pay.

-You can pay securely on-line with PayPal or Credit / Debit Card.

-You can transfer directly in OUR Bank Account (by simply going to Your bank and putting £20 in our account).

-You can transfer through on-line banking.

-You only Pay after the change of test, that is a promise.

-Our Early test dates service is available 7 days from 8 till 6 for phone calls.

-Also you can text on 07446577378 or Fill Our ” Early Driving Test “ FORM OR ” Contact Us “ FORM 24 hours.

-To Get your Early Driving Test Date, You need to Book your driving test FIRST by going to Visit DVSA Website www.gov.uk/book-practical-driving-test

-If you are a driving instructor we can find driving test cancellations for your pupil and change driving test months sooner, give us a call or give our number to your pupil, you will not be disappointed.

-We Only charge 20.00 fees.

-No need to Wait for months

-We can help you change driving test date months sooner at your desired test centre in few days.


We are not affiliated with Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

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