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1. Introduction
This page tells the User the terms of use on which the User may make use of the Site and also the terms upon which the Company will provide the Services to the User.

The User should read these terms carefully before the User starts to use the Site. By using the Site, the User indicates that he accepts these terms and that he agrees to abide by them. If the User does not agree to these terms, the User should refrain from using the Site and our Services.

We ( DrivingTestCancellations.org ) reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time. Any such changes will take effect when posted on the website and it is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions on each occasion you use this website.

The Site is owned, maintained and operated by the DrivingTestCancellations.org. Where the User has any complaint regarding the Site or the Services, the User should contact the Company on info@drivingtestcancellations.org. The Company shall endeavour to respond to all complaints within five working days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

Where the User makes a complaint, the User should provide his full name, email and telephone number and where applicable, his transaction reference number.

Our Services:

The main purpose of the company’s business is to provide assistance to users who wish to find an earlier test date or looking for driving test cancellations or short notice test. The company provides this service manually without any use of software.

The Company provides the following Services, to the users who have paid the Charges:

changes to the test date to find an earlier test date for both theory test and practical driving test.

The Services include, but are not limited to:-

Practical Driving Test cancellations service including email notifications, search and change test dates and earliest dates according to users requirements and for short notice tests.

Please note that the Company will search and attempt to find you the earliest possible test date but we cannot guarantee any specific dates as these are beyond our control.


The Company does not administer Practical Driving Test booking systems. We are an earlier driving test finding service, the Company charges an administration fee to find an earlier test date to cover the Company’s costs and time involved in dealing with checking the Practical Driving Test, making alterations to the booked Practical Driving Test, on behalf of the User.

We charge £20 to find a Driving Test. This must be paid before we find the driving test and will be refunded if we are unable to get you an earlier driving test OR in our discretion as soon as we find a test date for the user. It is user’s responsibility to provide correct mobile number and email. Once a request to change driving test is received, the company will change driving test according to user’s requirements and will inform the user by a text message.

We cannot confirm an exact driving test date but will confirm a date with you once we have reserved it and aim to get this as soon as possible within the agreed dates time frame with you.

We will not be held responsible for the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) changing your test date, cancelling your test date due to illness or weather conditions (like, Snow, fog, etc or for any reasons including where the learner is responsible for example not turning to the driving test with correct documentation or problems with the driving instructor’s car. Or your driving instructor changing the test or not being able to make your test and informing you at a last minute.

In any of these instances your fee is non refundable. It is your responsibility to ensure you double check the date and time of your driving test with the DVSA. If you do not check your date and time and test centre is correct with the information we have provided you with and you contact us after the event your fee will become non-refundable and we are not responsible for any expenses incurred.

If you have accepted a driving test date, it is your responsibility to cancel it or change it thereafter if you are no longer able to take the driving test or do not want the date anymore, in this case your fee will be non refundable.

We are not affiliated or associated with the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle standards agency) We are an earlier driving test finding service.

If the Test date has been changed the contract has begun with the consumer’s agreement before the end of the cancellation period applicable under regulation 12 of The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 therefore the cancellation fee applies. If the Test has not been changed the customer is entitled to a full refund or will not be charged.

In case of non-payment of our fees AFTER we have managed to find an earlier test date, we reserve the right to change earlier test date with the next available test date by the DVSA.
-Please remember if your test is only a few days away and last day to change or cancel is approaching then it is your responsibility to move it forward. We will assume you want to take the test on the original date you booked if you do not move it forward.

-# Our Guarantee is to search for you and try to find an earlier test date then the one you already have. You will only have to pay after we change the test date. Our Guarantee does not apply if you need any specific date OR specific day OR specific time. Also it does not apply if you keep searching for the date by yourself. We will try our best to get your required dates but because test dates and times are subject to availability, sometimes for some busy test centres dates are not available. You are free to try yourself or try another company if you wish to get you an earlier test date. We cannot be held responsible if your required earlier slots are not available. As stated we try our best to search for your required dates, you must contact us by text / call after a week if you do not receive any slots from us. If you cannot reach us by phone please send us a text to get an update about your test date. We will stop searching for you if you start searching by yourself or change your test date by yourself. Sometimes we use outside help to search driving test cancellations for you, your details such as name, mobile and email address or any other details are not shared, only driving licence number and application reference number or theory test certificate number is shared.

The User agrees and accepts the Administration Fee and shall not instruct the Company to find an earlier Practical Driving Test date if he has any doubts and does not agree to paying the Administration Fee and accept us as a friend so we can change his/her test on their behalf, they can use the DVSA site directly on https://www.gov.uk/change-date-practical-driving-test


Please ensure all enquires are emailed to info @ DrivingTestCancellations.org ) or through our Contact us page.

All relevant enquires will be responded to within the next 48 working hours.

( DrivingTestCancellations.org ) is in no way associated or endorsed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

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